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Hey guys ! Big news !
Few weeks ago, I jumped into a new adventure as co-founder of a great project !
After 2 month of brainstorming with @mattmaloux, today we're glad to introduce... Pukka.

Pukka is a community management tool destined to involve the employees of a company in the social media creation process. (In order to get more authentic contents to post on the social networks)

This is the first draft of the project.
So, as always, your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome !

You can check the online version and its animations at pukka.io
(integration by @tristanjoly)

Don’t forget to press "L" to give us some support.
Have a great creative week everyone !

PS : We're still looking for our awesome CTO, so feel free to share :)

Kevin Cdnc
Senior Product & Brand Designer 🇫🇷

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