Jason Malmberg

Life in 24 Frames - Ctrl+Z album art. Gatefold Vinyl.

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Life in 24 Frames - Ctrl+Z album art. Gatefold Vinyl.  space sacramento sci-fi illustration indie music

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I am proud to present the gatefold illustration for Life in 24 Frames upcoming vinyl release of Ctrl+Z. This is easily the most elaborate illustration I've ever made. The open PSD was near 5 gigabytes in size. It's inspired by ELO ELP Boston and every other lush 70s space rock airbrushed album art piece ever. the inspiration was a million different pieces of sci-fi art from paperback covers to album art to movies my brain has absorbed over the years. Theres some ELO in there, some ELP, some Fantastic Planet, some Black Hole. The band was on the same wavelength with their appreciation of that style of art so that's what I set out to do. Thematically the inspiration is the Neil Young song "After the Gold Rush" I nearly gave up a half dozen times doing the first panel alone because I just couldn't make what I was seeing in my head come out on the page. At one point I had the text to the band saying "sorry but I just cant pull this off" written. Luckily I never sent that text, opting instead to just force myself to keep going. As to process, its a bit of everything: I drew most of it in Illustrator then dumped it into Photoshop for color and texturing. Some elements I chopped out of larger images, reworked, blew out the contrast and used as tiny grafts on the larger whole.

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