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Filter Tip - Weebly Orbit - UI & Interaction Framework

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Filter Tip - Weebly Orbit - UI & Interaction Framework table form input checkbox date picker ui orbit weebly framework filter tip

A simple way we're handing the filtering of tables and data.

We've been working really hard creating a new UI & interaction framework. Offering a set of basic presentation options like pages, takeovers, modals, alerts, option tips, action tips, info tips, and menu tips; and a set of basic UI controls like grids, inputs, icons, tables, etc. Going so far as to offering a standard set of transitions and interaction paradigm. We're calling it Weebly Orbit.

Today we launched the start of it all with Weebly 4. It will only get better from here.

I'd love to know your thoughts about a framework like this. Would you find it useful?

Special thanks to @Laura Beggs, @Daniel Vickery, @Vee-O, and the Weebly Design team for their help on this component.

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