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Rebranding project for Ledbetter, a US based athleisure brand. While the name was taken after its founders, Joshua and Julie Ledbetter, it also represents an acronym for Live Every Day Better (the brand's tagline).

The previous logo featured an abstract hybrid of a (male) lion and a Sign Language gesture which was deemed somewhat complex and contradictory seeing that the main target audience were young women. After a brief attempt to simplify the existing logo, Joshua decided to put trust fully in my hands and let me come up with my own modernized vision of the brand.

Inspired by the theme of moving on (mentally) and body in motion. Stylized 'fast forward' arrows morph into abstractions of legs in running position.

The carefully chosen colors have a gentle warm feeling, the yellowish/rosy tint of early morning - the beginning of each new day. They speak optimism, warmth, understanding, hope and quiet determination.

Find out more about Ledbetter: https://www.ledbetterinc.com/

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