The Future of Messaging

Hey folks,

Here it is: A brand new shot from my side!

This time I digged into the future of messengers. The classic messenger is untouched for quite a long time now. But with the technology from today, there would be so many opportunities to help the users accomplish their tasks in an easier way.
First of all I developed a new way of texting with the classic text-bubbles as you can see at the main GIF. It would be so nice to drag your bubble anywhere you want to and show people what you really mean. This concept needs of course some development in another usecases – But I like the idea pretty much.

Then I created a very new interaction for powerusers as you can see in the attached video-files: I implemented kind of a spotlight-search into the text input box. Whit this interaction you can do almost everything you need in your conversation without app-hopping, copying stuff, etc. Here in the example I digged into sharing pictures out of your google photos account.

Just watch yourself and let me know if you like it.
Feedback is always appreciated.

Keep fresh.

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