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WEEK 7: RuterBillett Quick Action Menu

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WEEK 7: RuterBillett Quick Action Menu menu quick action app icon 3d touch icon billett ruter

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I have been really bothered by RuterBillett not adding any icons in their 3D Touch Quick Action Menu. I tweeted them asking why, and they simply replied that they hadn't come up with icons for all their types of icons. However they did ad a temporary icon just to fill up the empty space. I like to believe that it was for me :D

This is simply me challenging myself with a new icon set for RuterBillett. I think these are simple and make sense enough.

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: This is simply me trying to push myself to create new stuff constantly. I no longer want to be a guy that talks and plans to do a lot of stuff without doing it :D Let´s see how long I can

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