Artificial Industrial Inspiration 26 (+ 4k Wallpaper)

Uncompressed 4K wallpapers are available at the G+ gallery:

You can see each step in the creation of this design at Creative Process Gallery here:

Inspiration is everything. That's pretty much what I can say about this design. It can often come from the very place that you intend to put your designs as well. I always look at the profiles of the people who reblog my work on a regular basis, and I have met some pretty cool people that way. In this circumstance, I found someone who has excellent taste in industrial design, and I was inspired by a LOT of what they have been reblogging. In an attempt to overcome my recent low of creative energy, I thought I would reach out to them and see if they would be interested in watching my process as I create something new. It has been an absolute treat making this design via screen sharing with a friend that I met through her reblogs on my Tumblr.

As it turns out, I work better when I get to interact with another participant when creating new designs. I used to mentor at a local community center for about 11 years - but it closed down last year because of political idiocy. This experience was doubly rewarding in that this friend was able to learn a great deal about the nuts and bolts of how to create a design in Blender. It was great for me, because it turns out that I have really missed teaching... so thank you, friend. :)

If you happen to be a fan of my work, have similar aesthetic tastes, and are interested in seeing how I create my designs, give me a poke. If you have 3 ~ 5 evenings to spare screen sharing, perhaps we can create something new together!

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