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Default Themes and Theming System for Event Websites

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Default Themes and Theming System for Event Websites clean styles styles website themes event themes themes theme system theming

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One of the new systems I'm working on is how theming system works across event websites. I've created 5 new themes, based on industry research into the usual event users and creators. These 5 themes allows us to cover broad majority of what our clients are looking to create. After choosing a theme, user can adjust it, change it and make it their own, but for initial and default start, these had to pass accessibility tests.

Checkout attachments for example of how one theme is used. Navigational example, header example, secondary navigation example, then widget is placed in the body of the event, and main interaction buttons on the button give a great overview of every theme.

Color contrasts were the most challenging part as there are only 5 colors per theme, and each color has to work overlapping majority of other colors. Overall, I think, this is a great start. We'll see what our users think in the next round of user testing.

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