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Thank you, James

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Thank you, James halloween spooky timing animation monster bigfoot curran

Each week I try to do a new animation, each week I learn something new about doing it, each week I get better.

Yes, practice has a lot to do with it but also animators I admire here on Dribbble have been a huge part of my learning experience. I don't want to list all of them because I'll forget one and feel bad. So I'd rather just point out one in particular and that's James Curran.

His work has been such a big inspiration to me and very helpful in learning more and more about the finer things of animation.

The big (little) foot sequence was inspired by
Nigel and and Oscar Vs The Sasquatch. A very funny indy movie.

I'm trying to do a weekly animation of every indy movie I saw at Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Festival.. Last week was The Chicken People (also a funny movie) and next week will be about Mr Slender.

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