REDCINE-X v. 30.0.0 - 4K Raw R3D Video Editor UI

REDCINE-X v. 30.0.0 - 4K Raw R3D Video Editor UI

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In April of 2014, RED released Version 30.0.0 of REDCINE-X Pro, just in time for NAB and the release of the DRAGON sensor. I worked closely with RED's finest engineers to give their 6-year-old software used by thousands of cinema professionals every day. A tricky task to say the least...

We leaned towards modernizing the UI so that it was never in the way, and always allowed multiple ways to achieve a goal. We also took the opportunity to update the icon design system.

If you've ever edited RAW photos, you're familiar with the ease you can dramatically shift color and mood without fear of losing your initial capture. REDCINE-X Pro with .R3D motion files captured from a RED camera make that a possibility with video. A sight you must see and experience to believe.

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Photo: Werewolf and RED Photographer Cleigh Reed at Adobe Max.
Photo: Nightmare on Loganberry poster reference photo

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