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Tired of awkwardly switching between Gmail, Calendar & Drive accounts?

It’s Shift to the rescue!

We are thrilled to announce the preview release of Shift today, just for Dribbble'ers.

Finally, you can navigate between multiple email accounts, Drive & Calendar without the logging-in-logging-out, new browser nightmare. Shift is the simplest, most beautiful way to get sh*t done, faster.

Mac, Windows, Linux - you name it, we support it.

We are dying to hear what you think, so please check it out and leave us a comment to tell us which features you like, or dislike, and what you would like to see added to the full version.

We love that Dribbble’ers think outside the box, and we are committed to making Shift the (most beautiful) email client you can't live without.

Head over to tryshift.com/dribbble and get Shift now!

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