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Final exploration for the Game Management section.
Compared to previous explorations, the users we're able to find and manage their games more easily.

Full view here.

Persona: A small-to-mid tier game development studio with 4 to 6 published games.
Update – A game studio won't be publishing games the majority of the time, but only managing the list they setup at the onboarding and maybe 1 or 2 games afterwards. So we came to the conclusion that the first “blank card (on the previous shot)” was limiting our space resulting in fragmented attention for the rest of the items.

Execution: Since the pricing it's based on the MAU (Monthly Active Asers per game), we've decided to buff the graph, which now it's an overview of the DAU (Daily) and MAU. Giving you a bigger picture of user engagement.

Stay tuned, I'll be uploading the UI tomorrow and more wire explorations for new sections soon.

Created with PG's Product Design team 😉.
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