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Brand Design is story telling,

Story telling can activate seven regions of your brain.

1. Motor cortex - movement
2. Sensory cortex - touch
3. Broca’s area - Language Processing
4. Olfactory cortex - Scents
5. Wernicke’s area - Language comprehension
6. Auditory cortex - Sounds
7. Visual cortex - colors & shapes

Brain is more engaged to stories.
Stories Trigger emotional responses
Emotions, not logic, drive most consumer decision
Stories inspire people to take action


If a Brand design itself tells a story, it will drive most consumer decision towards that brand.

Worked on a story telling logo to make a beauty and wellness logo. Attached the story as well.

Your thoughts please.

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Posted on Sep 3, 2016
Udhaya Chandran
storytelling @timelessco

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