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Hello there! Things are moving forward on our new Ents.co homepage! We are a team of designers and developers and each one of us has a bit different set of experience and skills. Therefore we’ve decided to create our profiles so everyone can get to know us better and find out what we’ve come through.

This is the first teaser of an actual website. I wanted to give a try to Principle and man, it was really smooth experience! It took me an hour to do all the creative and funny work. BUT. It took me like another ten hours to find out how to export my video in GIF so the quality isn’t so poor and the size is still under 8MB. It drove me crazy. Finally, I was able to export it but I’m not even sure how I did this! If you have any tips on how to export videos from Principle, please let me know!

Also, say hello to our model @Jan Henneberg :D

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