Wireframe Diamond - Light

I'm not dead, I swear. I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but I've actually been up to a lot this month. I've been re-rendering a lot of my older designs at 1080p 24 for the Animation Nodes 2016 Showreel, and so I can start to share some of them as fullscreen experiences. I've also been working on some new designs that aren't ready to post yet. Some of the unfinished designs can be seen in progress in my Twitter image stream. I ramble a lot over there.


Anyway - I mostly wanted to post this so my Tumblr Archive page isn't completely empty for the whole month of August, and to let people know that I'm okay, just busy. Please forgive the fact that some of these "glass" quads bend, this was all I had that was relatively ready to put up tonight.

This is variation is lit with just two emission planes with a Blackbody color node at 6500k, and a strength of 1.1. One plane behind the object, one and in front. I love how low-noise this result is at just 1024 samples. I freaking love the Cycles render engine.

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