Asset Portfolio Management WebApp

Asset Portfolio Management WebApp

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Addepar, a company I deeply respect, builds a powerful tool to help Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) manage their client's investments in various funds and trusts. I thought it would be a fun product to redesign. The goal here is to make summary information more readily available and scannable. The current app allows the financial data to all bleed together into tables, forcing the RIAs to scan to the bottom of tables to find totals (probably a carry-over from excel days).

This design allows an RIA to quickly scan down his list of clients to see portfolio percentage change for each client at a glance. When diving into a specific client’s portfolio the most important summary information is anchored at the top, allowing the RIA to dive in and out of portfolios quickly to gain an understanding over that entire portfolio’s performance.

This design also allows the client panel to be collapsible, freeing up a lot more much-needed real-estate.

I made these changes alongside a fun (but likely-too-hip) face lift.


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