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My app ‘Journey’ tries to make the journey from where you are to the TTC Stop safer by allowing you to check-in when you have arrived at the stop and got on safely.
The idea is that if you’re working late at your job, say you’re a nurse working at the hospital or work late at a coffee shop or restaurant, getting to the stop can be stressful.

So this app hopes to make it safer by starting the app, setting up a contact for SafetyNET, finding the nearest TTC stop and your location and beginning the journey.
You can see clearly when each Bus is arriving at the stop via the coloured discs on the top of the screen which tick down.
…and once your at the stop and on your bus home you just check-in to say you’re safe & sound.

With the final design I chose to omit the screen that you use to activate safety-net as I thought it superfluous, as if your using the service more-than-likely you want to use the safety-net feature.
I also omitted the welcome & sign-in screens in order to focus on the core aspect of the app.
Design-wise I created a colour palette for the app but chose to use the system colours where necessary to follow the native look&feel that iOS apps have.

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Posted on Aug 24, 2016
John Griffiths
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