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RallyPoint began as a professional network for the military. Originally it was designed for Service Members and Veterans who were seeking assistance transitioning back into civilian life. In its early stages, RallyPoint served as an answers forum where users could only post questions.

In mid 2015, upon performing user research and analyzing user behavior, we noticed some common patterns in how the product was being used. The realization was that a majority of the users were on RallyPoint for a purely social experience. They wanted to reconnect with the community and feel that sense of camaraderie that they could not find outside of the military. In early 2016 we delivered a fundamentally different experience.

Where the old feed was list of trending questions sorted by popularity, the new home feed is populated with content from the users' interests, groups, and contacts. We also introduced new ways to create content and no longer required posts to be framed as questions.

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