Hector Hurtado

Rethinking the stakeholder map

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Rethinking the stakeholder map stakeholder map service design experience design design graphility

This is the most common form of the stakeholder map. Only this time, I am making sure the core team delivering the product or service is included, as this is is not often the case... A product cannot build itself, can it? Same goes for services without 1st line agents.

Consider a simple hotel model, providing rooms for its guests to book online:

- Core team: cleaning crew
- Direct: guests, room service, reception, hotel website
- Indirect: restaurant, business facilities, hotel aggregator portal, IT
- Influences: fire department, government regulations

A hotel could potentially be unregulated, have no restaurant, no room service, no manned reception... One could get by with a lot, but if the rooms are seriously disgusting, guests will not rent the room. If the core fails, whatever remains becomes utterly irrelevant.

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