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Hey Dribbblers,

We are beginning #MakeItBetter, a series of shots where we pick a product we use every day, identify some small design issues, propose solutions, and articulate the motivation behind the decisions.

Let’s start with small improvements for Dropbox:

1. Loading bar
Currently, when you upload multiple files on the web, the design kinda lacks a feeling of the uploading process. It makes Dropbox look slower than it is. We propose animating the pictogram to add more dynamic and adding two parameters like percentage and amount of files in the queue.

2. Move/copy experience
Moving files from one folder to another on the web is pretty challenging. You start from the root folder, but you don’t know which folder you are at right now. We propose having the hierarchy tree expand to indicate the current folder.

We believe the feature has a great potential. We even tried to use it as a communication platform for our clients’ projects but… It is really hard to navigate between files looking for comments. What if we have a button that allows generating a PDF with all the comments from the files stored in the selected folder? So you can comment each screen separately or even a part of a screen, but then collect everything and share your feedback with another person (designer, client, art director) with just one click.

Let us know what you think!

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