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#Badgehunting Keynote

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#Badgehunting Keynote badgehunting hunting education talk badge badges

I'm about two thirds done with this all new #badgehunting talk. It's gonna be a fun one. I've been working on it and researching it for about 3 months. Here's the description:

Before the advent of computers, social media and the internet design took time. The best way to move our visual culture forward is to learn from the great craftsmen of the past. Learn why digging through old broken down shacks, collapsed barns and obscure museums can lead to revolutionary visual inspiration and unearth decades of lost trends. This is what we lovingly refer to as #badgehunting. In this session you will learn how digging through relics of the past has inspired a fresh way to brand companies and design logos. You’ll hear stories about #badgehunging. You’ll see how work inspired by the past doesn’t feel old, but is instead refined and thought provoking. Learn how you can get involved in the future of #badgehunting.

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