Error Pixel Arrows

Error pixel arrows

Man, I haven't posted anything on Dribbble in what seems like forever.

Now that I'm working at Pure Charity...

...I've got a little more leeway as far as what I can post. I ran it by my coworker / lead designer Adam "Stac" (a big Sass/Compass proponent), and he said to go right ahead.

So, here's an in-browser screenshot of an 8x8 pixel arrow I made (I know, right!?), to denote errors on individual fields. Basically, it's to call-out errors, and also compliment the numbered list at the top of a form.

I was going for not-too-subtle (still #cc0000 red) but not to overpowering either.

Anyway, just wanted to post, because I can. :)

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