Tap tap

In Delivery Status, if an item has multiple shipments, you can change which one is displayed by double-tapping it. It's a really useful feature and I've never been able to think of a more obvious way to implement it (that doesn't have some drawback). I've also been reluctant to show all the shipments on the main screen, because it's pretty common that you only care about one of them at a time. (Often the others are already delivered, or not yet shipped.)

So many people never discover this until they ask about it, or happen to read about it on our tips page. To fix that I'm considering popping up a little graphic like this to explain how it works. Basically the first time you have a delivery with multiple shipments, this animated graphic would appear. It will just show the finger tapping, and the order switching between two shipments.

I like the idea enough to create the animation and try it out, anyway. This is an unfinished graphic; I haven't figured out exactly how it will look yet.

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