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I helped the Supertop crew on some icons and interface elements for the super awesome Castro 2. There’s so many aspects of Castro 2 I like. The waveform interactions on the play screen are amazing — grab the playback head to scrub quickly to anywhere in the podcast, or grab the waveform itself for more precise control (I can say it’s amazing, because I had nothing to do with that part of the app). It’s worth cheecking out for that interaction alone.

We tried a bunch of things for the play ← → pause animation, but ultimately settled on the version above, which is simple enough it can animate really quickly in the app without being a distraction.

The now playing animation was (stupidly?) worked out in Cheetah 3D. I just like its timeline editor. The icon slice sheet is also attached. It includes some alternate versions that were not used.

Castro 2 is available on the App Store

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