Pikachu [ANIMATED]

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Pikachu [ANIMATED] animation pokemongo pokemon icon art illustration sticker pikachu

@Jobyツ and I tried something few humans have ever ventured to do. Combining our powers for greater good!

With the melding of his animation skills and my ability to place vector points on a blank canvas having bourbon in one hand all the while explaining the theological ramifications of Daniel Tiger's neighborhood to a toddler, we thought maybe some sort of super power would be revealed. And if, just if that power was revealed, mayhaps we could open a rift in the space-time continuum, go back prevent the worst atrocities, like the creation of Dumb and Dumberer or the fall from grace of Lindsay Lohan from ever happening.

Turns out none of that happened, but this cute animation still was made...if you digs, you can check out more of his tasty animations:

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