Sergey Maltsev

Bird Samruk (Kazakh folk legend)

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Bird Samruk (Kazakh folk legend) brightness movement color central asia legend abird

Bird Samruk.
According to legend, in the desert there was the tree of knowledge – Baiterek. The whole world stood on this mighty tree, its roots went deep into the ground, the trunk was visible on the surface, and its crown was lost sight of in the clouds. Living in the branches of the tree, the bird Samruk decide who is worthy to ascend to heaven and who is not. There was no one in the area prettier and fairer this bird. As God's messenger, she clearly was able to separate sinful man from the righteous. Only standing before her, people could have the chance to know the divine mystery. Thus, there were an implicit call to fight the evils within ourselves and the desire to know divine truth.

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