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Hey guys!

After a lot of thought my wife, @Kristen Howdeshell and I have decided to start a children's book creation group. Because so many folks have the desire to create children's books but need a little support we thought it would be fun to start a group having a little insight into the self-publishing world. If you have the urge to create a children's book and have that story just sitting at the back of your mind, but need a little motivation, this group would be perfect for you.

Yes, you need to live in Kansas City, MO and have the availability to meet twice a month.

This isn't something we're teaching or hosting a class, we're simply hosting a small group of creatives encouraging and supporting one another as we create picture books.

The group is completely free and we’re not going to take or ask for any credit. Just two people who enjoy supporting others in their dreams.

If you have any desire at all to join, please visit:

Fill out an application and send it in to

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