Timber Cove

Timber Cove

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Timber Cove is a small, upscale resort in Northern California, along the Sonoma Coast. The target audience for the resort are young, upper-middle class hipsters-- most of whom live and/or work in the Bay Area tech scene.

The design was created to be image-driven with very few distractions from the information and visuals, while subtly guiding the eyes from image to action.

Because of the tech-saavy target audience, the navigation for this site was designed with mobile applications in mind. Everything is achieved through a minimal amount of tapping and swiping to reveal information, rather than hovering and scrolling.

Disclaimer: The images used for this design do not belong to Timber Cove. I was directed to create an image-driven website, but not supplied with images, so I found temporary placeholders from travel blogs. If you would like to request the image credits, please leave a message and I'll try to dig up the sites where I found the images.


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