Update - October 14:

Obamaspec is getting some heat from the press, finally




President Obama, using creatives for free work isn’t supporting your “create jobs” campaign




Obama has now decided to promote his jobs bill by making designers work for free.

Gotta love the irony in that, right?

Link: http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/artworks-submission

You should tell them your thoughts on this. Contact the Obama Administration through this form. (Be professional tho, don't use profanity)

Spec-work is the biggest threat to our profession, bar none. And now the President of the United States openly supports it.

(Want to note that I have no intentions of using this opportunity for personal gain to get more followers or whatever. As a matter of fact, think I lost a few already, hah!)

Identical post up on Forrst - http://forr.st/~P4y


EDIT: English is not my first language and I mixed up the terms here.

I have probably confused "Crowdsourcing" with "Outsourcing". (Thanks Kurt)

So I apologize for that. But it's kind of hilarious, you'll have to admit that!

Besides, I'm sure you all get the point ;)

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