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EsyFit - Create Your Fitness App in a Split Second

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EsyFit - Create Your Fitness App in a Split Second clean mobile web visual design ui apple watch ipad iphone ios tracker landing page fitness

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We've been working hard to design and build this site EsyFit as well as its Mobile App to help Fitness Instructors create there own Mobile Fitness App. See full pixels in attachments or take a look at Here.

While there is a wide range of personal trainer apps in the Apple Store, and just the polished/stunning ones get downloaded, we have taken on board the challenge to create the revolutionary fitness app template “EsyFit”. The latter offers the best User Experience as well as a stunning User Interface, implementing in a way that is attractive to the users, and also supporting every single Apple device to make sure everyone can benefit from it to get in shape.

EsyFit is trying to replace the personal trainer and the gym entirely and serves the purpose of having your own personal trainer just within user's pocket using Voice Over, Timer, Videos Calories counters via Fitbit and HealthKit, Tracking user’s progress and much more other features. All these features work also in background mode, which is pretty useful in the case where the user would like to start working out while the phone in his/her pocket guiding him/her somewhere around the world.

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