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Kubernetes Dashboard Navigation

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Kubernetes Dashboard Navigation enterprise paas material admin cloud dashboard ux ui

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Kubernetes is an open source container management system, and recently a lot of my efforts have gone toward designing for this powerful tech's UI. Earlier this year Apprenda announced our integration with Kubernetes, and we're excited to realize that strategy in the coming months.

Highest priority for Dashboard (as the UI's called) has been designing a navigation system. Because Kubernetes was created and is still overseen by Google, it's styled following the Material design spec, which has been delightfully rewarding to really dig into and implement. Material is still not completely fleshed out in its desktop guidelines (our target device size), nor does it have recommendations specifically for enterprise, so it's been a rewarding design problem to research how to adopt the philosophy of Material in this more information-dense context.

Dashboard has a weekly community meetup, and we're planning on holding a design sprint sometime in the next few months. If you're interested please get in touch!

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