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Experiments are always so fascinating. Here's mine.

There are lots of designers who are using some sort of graphic tablet (aka Wacom). I was presented with some a few years ago. Yes, back those days when I was just trying myself in the field of website design. Things went the way where my Intuos and I didn't get along. And it was moving from one shelf to another for years 😆 I've never been a big artist and have never attended any art school, though. Eventually, I've decided that tablet doesn't work for interface design, oh I was so wrong (Dear tablet, I'm sorry for that 😀 you don't deserve to be abandoned that I've figured out only now)
Present Days
Working on the current website for wrought fences, gates and stuff like that, I've thought it be great to add some classy illustration as visual emphasize to set the mood. And wait! I can draw it myself having the burst of inspiration. And I did it ha-ha. Here's when my Wacom comes into play 👻 It took me one evening to figure out the basics of how graphic tablet works and a few hours next day to have some results. This time, everything seemed so easy and thrilling, even not only for drawing but for crafting other sections of the interface.

Maybe the first attempt to use tablet was just a wrong timing, what do you think? Do you use a tablet in your everyday routine of UI/UX designer? Share your stories and experience in the comments, looking forward to them and have a great Friday!

P.S. Hope you support my drawing experiments and endorse for more of them hitting the 'L' key ❤️

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