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Dynamic App Icons

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There are new iOS10 widgets and 3d touch options but given the amount of space of Home screen it could be more functional and give some bits of basic info without any interaction needed.

I thought of dynamic app icons showing you some real time info, which could be useful for cases where you open the app just to see a quick info and close it again.

It could be set on/off from control center for any reason like privacy or battery usage etc. And in iOS Settings apps could have their own seperate on/off switches, so you can let open only the ones you need.

The types of data to be shown could be defined by the app developers and the user could select it in case it’s more than one, e.g. whether you would like to see your km walked on that day or your avg. steps counted etc.

Some examples are;

Weather - Weather info of the city you have selected
Health - Any data from Health app dashboard
Twitter - Detail of last notification
Calendar - Info about next event within that day
Onefootball - Realtime score during games
Reminders - Next item scheduled within that day
Phone - Last missed call

Ps: Would like to have mobile data switch in control center :)

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