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Illucon Exploration

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Illucon Exploration

Hey there everyone,

Based on some style explorations for illustrations for our vCard Plus Guide, I started to also explore Illucons and Icons of which I wanted to share two with you.

The colors don't follow our brand, because we decided to become more playful in the guide section, which means that there's a room for confetti. However I've chosen a color scheme that goes well with one for the colors-modes we have as a "preset" option for the vCard Plus.

The two illucons represent "Mobile Page" (left) and "Enough space for all you want to say" (right) - they are a very first draft and things might change, or even get thrown away completely.

The style is complex, yet simple and follows the idea of achieving consistency through context, so not every icon follows a rigid grid.

I'm pretty happy with the result so far and hope that these will see the light of day soon (or shall be doomed to dwell in darkness 4ever)

Thank you for your time and attention, have a great day.

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