Orange Button at 6400%


6 Responses

  1. Eric E. Anderson Eric E. Anderson

    Thanks to Amazon, all 'Add to Cart' buttons must now be orange. [grrr]

    over 4 years ago

  2. Erik Sagen Erik Sagen

    Well, be thankful they didn't use hot pink... oh wait.

    over 4 years ago

  3. Sebastiaan de With Sebastiaan de With

    Clearly an awesome button.

    over 4 years ago

  4. Eric E. Anderson Eric E. Anderson

    Everything looks awesome at 6400% ;-)

    over 4 years ago

  5. Sean Berger Sean Berger

    Is there a study out there that show Amazon standards aide the user learning curve? If so, let me know! Would like to read whatever insight you're using. Obviously they're a leader.

    almost 4 years ago

  6. Eric E. Anderson Eric E. Anderson

    Sean, no study... just a client that insists his button looks like Amazon's because he read it somewhere.

    almost 4 years ago

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