Rolled Paper Mockup

I had made an infographic about a year ago, and was recently asked to make a "thumbnail" version of it to use as a downloadable offer icon. The problem was that the infographic itself was quite long, and a shrunk down thumbnail proved to be much to small and hard to read.

I decided that the length could be represented well by a rolled, blueprint style, piece of paper. I could not find a suitable piece of rolled paper clip art, so I decided the quickest and most economical way to accomplish this was by making the paper roll myself and photographing it.

Once that was done it was just a matter of using Photoshop to clear out the background, and then using the perspective tools available, map the art to the paper.

This worked well for our web page as this offer could now be shown along side many other standard booklet sized offers. I was happy that I could use real materials to accomplish the task at hand.

Michael E. Olson
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