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Instagram app redesign

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Hello guys,

I've created this redesign of Instagram and I would like to describe my work. After Instagram released new design some months ago, there was criticism from people around the world. It is normal, because always are people who like new things and people who doesn't like new things. I don't want to criticize this actual design of Instagram, I am sure designers at Instagram HQ created design concept the best as they can do so I only want to introduce you my own opinion.

you can check out original article here: https://medium.com/@radisss11/redesign-of-instagram-app-6303718c0f77#.xf5isom77

In the actual Instagram, the most elements are usually black (for example icons, headlines, names of users and so on) but in my concept I have decided to use blue and orange colors, these colors were also used in old versions of Instagram design and I've wanted to retain these colors, I've only made 1 change, my colors are a little vibrant against colors in old versions. I like live colors. Actual logo of Instagram have live colors but if you open an app, everything is black, so I miss some colourful elements, according to my opinion, actual version of Instagram is sad and gloomy. There is big contrast - colourful logo but inside is black, if logo would be also black, this would be ok. I've used white background color for bottom and upper panel as actual version of Instagram, then this app is more light and live. In actual version, color of logo in app is black, I want to have colourful app, so I've used blue color for logo, the same color as icons.

In the actual Instagram, icons are outlined, which is trendy. I like that style. I've used icons, which have bigger stroke. I was inspired by Airbnb, they have great icons.

I've used rounded buttons which have gradient colors (button following and camera button), it is trendy nowadays, I've also noticed that many designers on dribbble use this style. In actual version of Instagram, icon of camera is in the bottom panel and this icon is equal like all icons in bottom panel, but it is not in sight and then less people post their new photos so I've created button particularly as button which will be still in one place even if you scroll the photos and I've chosen gradient color, now this button is in sight for all users and thanks to this, users would post their photos more likely. I think it is a purpose of Instagram, posting photos by users as much as possible because in other way Instagram will have problem with content creation like Facebook now.

I've created concept, in which users post photos in card format. This is also trendy. In this card are Like icon and amount of people who like a photo and profile photos of your friends who like this photo (it shows max 3 your friends whom you like photos the most or you have often conversation via chat). If you see that your friends who are your favourite people like a photo then you also like a photo more likely.

If the instagram app looks like my design concept live and colourful, I would be happy user so this was my opion how should look app of company which has million of users around the world. I hope my opinion was helpful for you all and maybe in the future I will be a designer at Instagram and I will contribute more to design than now, we will see, impossible is nothing.

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