Hello there! I hope you are all bursting with energy and ideas, and your summer days are full of inspirational adventures. Wanted to share my concept design, a website for an adventure agency specializing in air-balloon tours. Isn't that just a dream job, being an air-balloon tour guide? I think so. And surely it's all about the views, and spectacular sceneries you see from up there, so I made special accent on the imagery and bright contrast photos of the air-balloons in the designs.

Creating the UI and UX for landing pages and homepages like this one are all part of a careful webdesign process we cover here at Tubik Studio. One cannot underestimate the importance of a beautiful and eye-catching front page of the product or service website, and, most importantly a page that increases conversion rate. I am sure you would all agree with that. By the way, we had an article on this topic on our blog not long ago, and I highly recommend to check it out. It's called "Landing Page. Direct Flight to High Conversion". Not to miss any future stories from our blog you can always subscribe to our newsletter. Stay tuned for more things to come!

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