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UI Style Tiles Study

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UI Style Tiles Study fira lato accessibility ui colors controls interface ui samples ui style tiles ui study style tile

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I call it Open Dimension. Four style tiles, two alternatives within. It's a result of good amount of work I've done into UI style refresh on current product I'm part of. From competition research to mood-boards, to some good old examples of ui fonts studies. These were the final options I presented based on the findings and research into enterprise software.
I've tried combining some well known trends that worked well, especially with accessibility and contrast tests. Picking colors that will have enough contrast was probably the hardest challenge, as they shifted the mood pretty fast from buttons, to background colors to light grays that are so needed, but disappear on some old Dell monitors.
Lato and Fira were pretty good middle ground fonts, safe, modern and lacking too much character. Which was good, but I prefer something more unique. It's something this whole study showed me to appreciate, the good balance for particular audience and users.

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