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Cog Monitoring Shirt

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Cog Monitoring Shirt devops monitorama operable chatbot slack hurray pager monitoring cog robot

Cog is the chatbot that introduces a unix styled command line to Slack, HipChat, and IRC. This shirt tells one of the many stories where Cog helps teams collaborate, learn from each other, and take action on their collective solution. Yay, teamwork!

The story:
1. Website crashes!
2. Someone gets paged at 3am
3. She jumps into Slack and asks Cog to show her some relevant graphs by typing commands directly into chat (everyone can see what she is looking for.)
4. A few team members are in Slack too. They collaborate on the problem together and get to work on a possible solution.
5. After they ship the solution, they recheck their tests and metrics. All good!
6. Hooray...high fives! Back to bed....snorrrrrrr

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