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Pokemon Go Emoji Set

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Pokemon Go Emoji Set cadabra app icon pokemon illustrator ios nintendo illustration iphone set go pikachu

Unless you’ve been off-planet for the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard about a huge success and popularity of Pokemon Go. Since launching last Wednesday, the smartphone game from Niantic and Nintendo almost immediately topped the app charts. The monster-hunting mobile game at this relatively early stage is already considered to become a massive cultural phenomenon and said to be the most popular mobile game in the history of smartphones. Pokemadness is seemingly everywhere. Besides, summer months offer the best weather for getting out of the house and exploring on foot. People wandering around with their heads in phones - seems like it makes people moving. Playing the game also helps to discover new experiences and areas. Taking into account all of the above mentioned, we believe Pokemon Go Emoji is just a matter of time.

This set is available in Telegram as a pack of stickers, so you can use them freely by uploading them here:

Have you played Pokémon Go yet? What is your impression? Do you think it will continue to grow and how can its unrivaled popularity be explained?

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