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Hello Dribbble :),
Super happy and proud to finally be part of this community, I wanted to redesign my portfolio for a while and this seems to be my chance.

As a start, I'll talk about the very first web design I did for a startup 2 years ago.
The mandate was to create a microsite presenting fun facts and interesting statistics about the food processing industry in Quebec to inform the people about it. We needed to build something joyful based on very strict numbers, something that was attractive to the eye hence the chosen palette. "Ă€ Table" literally means "To the table" but it is also a French expression to say the food is served and ready, which is why this project was named from it.

Participation: Entire UX and UI for the website, app and FB contest
For the curious ones, see more of the project attached.
À Table Québec :

Posted on Jul 16, 2016

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