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Gobelins Summer School's exercise

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Gobelins Summer School's exercise neighbour party sleepy grumpy angry cat door knock school summer exercise gobelins

Woke up a bit sad because yesterday was my very last day at Gobelins Summer School. These past 2 weeks were SO FAST, painful and awesome!

During the Summer School we were working on a little exercise to make a given character knock on a door, but create all the intentions, story and acting behind it.

As you can see, I've struggled so much, but learned loads! Always good and refreshing to remember you suck, don't know how to draw, and there's loads to catch up. Traditional animators are just in another level of human existence, REALLY. Mind-blowing. And I have no intentions of becoming one of them, as I intend to preserve my mental sanity haha. But a lot of wisdom to take from the whole experience :)

Happy times!

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