Kristin Schultz

Nerdy Birdies no. 4: American Flamingo

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Nerdy Birdies no. 4: American Flamingo nerdy birdie birds flamingo

The Nerdy Birdies no. 4: American Flamingo.

The American Flamingo is most known for its distinctive color and weirdly jointed skinny ass legs. The females are the types of bitches who can throw down several hundred meals an hour and not gain a pound. Prone to travel in large numbers, the females are often high maintenance to deal with and courtship can drive male flamingos out of their bloody minds. Plagued with only breadcrumbs of text messages and broken promises of romantic evenings, the males cling to the sides of their love interests with great intention. Many have to succumb to promises of jewelry and large salaries to have a glimmer of hope of getting one into bed. Coming soon to a station near you: the real flamingos of beverly hills. Sure to be a real domestic thriller.

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