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UPDATE: So Rdio finally updated their OS X icon. It's kind of a hybrid of these two styles. It's mostly like the left one but with the noise and bounce light of the right one. Yup.

I love Rdio, but when I Cmd+Tab, I can never see its icon right away. Which is a bad thing for an icon.

Luckily, Rdio recently updated their iOS app to be more noticeable in a sea of icons, but the Mac app still has their old silver-and-navy thing. So I made a couple new Rdio for Mac icons.

There's one that closely matches the iOS version: flat and simple. The other one is reminiscent of the old icon's rendering but uses the new color scheme. Take your pick!

I've included a .zip that contains:
* .psd for both versions
* .icns for both versions
* .pngs of all sizes for both versions (512, 256, 128, 32, 16)

Enjoy :)

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