Moneywise App

Hello guys! As usual, I have decided to add some bright colors to your day, so meet a new shot. Here are the screens for my new design concept. Moneywise is the educational mobile application for teenagers which enables them to study the basics of economy. You can see that there are four global ways of interaction presented on the categories screen: users can read the entries describing basic economic processes, notions and phenomena, play funny educational quiz, get into advanced activities around studying economics and challenge their friends in contest. I wanted to give it bright, fun and interesting look so that it got attractive for its target audience and made user experience positive and engaging. Hope you will get that positive vibe too!

Creating concepts or working on real interfaces, here in Tubik Studio we know how essential it is to ground design on the target audience's needs and wishes. It enables designers to produce interfaces that take maximum efficiency from design solutions. One of the latest articles for Tubik Blog shares the set of UI design concepts we created here for the theme of eating and cooking. Welcome to take a look if you have a spare minute!

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