Nelson W Johnson

Street Fighter: V Years Later // Sakura

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Street Fighter: V Years Later // Sakura series concept design character ryu sakura capcom street fighter games gaming

I like Street Fighter. When Street Fighter V was announced, I expected them to move the story forward.
To check in with more aged, experienced and evolved versions of our favorite characters.

That... didn't exactly happen.

Instead, they set Street Fighter V before Street Fighter III (making SFIII the last in the timeline). I'm not the one making the game, so they can do whatever they want and I'll likely still enjoy it because it's a good game. But I was still curious...

What are these characters like five years after we've seen them at their latest stages of character development?
So I drew it. This is the first in what will inevitably end up being a series of drawings, because I don't know how to stop.

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