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Nerdy birdies no. 3: White Breasted Nuthatch

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Nerdy birdies no. 3: White Breasted Nuthatch geometric illustration birds the nerdy birdies

The Nerdy Birdies no. 3: White Breasted Nuthatch.

The white breasted nuthatch is a creeper of a bird, able to position itself however necessary to spy on its love interests. This birdie got made fun of so much in school because of its peculiar name that it developed a call that sounds like it's laughing back at you—avian psychological analysts believe this is a defense mechanism to protect its fragile little ego. Much like most unpopular and hideous birds in their youth, this little birdie grew up to be stunningly gorgeous and has proven to be far more successful than the idiots who made fun of it growing up.

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