Messenger Bots & Augmented Video Call Concept

I thought about what could be an easy way to call bots when you know exactly which one you need -different than the case you know what you want to do but not sure about which bot to use-
Now in Messenger you see the related button (like transportation icon for Uber) on the keyboard, but if they are a lot they can’t fit there, and opening a "More" screen during conversation and searching it there is difficult.

You could call them by mentioning just as you would do with your friends in FB comments or Twitter. Type @ and either continue to type the name or select from the autocompleted suggestions. (I added category titles to the autosuggested list like People / Groups / Bots... so if say the bot you need doesn’t show up, you can search it directly under "Bots" instead of going through the long list of all kinds of results.)

I tried to improve conversational commerce experience by combining augmented reality and video call to make it feel like shopping together with friends in real world getting their suggestions. It could work at least for virtual try on of eyewear/watches/jewellery or home furniture for now.
You could still have the bots assistance while try on, asking say “Show me the black color of this model” using voice or type, and get also personalized suggestions for your face shape which can be saved among your customer data for a more personalized shopping experience in future.

Also 360° view or videos could be used instead of just seeing a small plain img of the product.

Another idea is to make multiple bots work together passing the task to each other where needed, so that the user has a seamless experience. For example in case Uber Business is used for shipping, its bot gets the users location and shows shipping details like price and delivery time on Checkout screen.

Instead of asking user a series of multiple-choice questions that narrow down their search by filters like gender, price etc., these selections can be made more quickly and easily on a GUI element. This can be also prepolulated according to user data and previous choices, for example if the user calling the bot is a man, Gender is selected as Men as default.

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