Soham Adwani

LaTrobe University Snapchat Filter

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LaTrobe University Snapchat Filter filter ui university geofilter snapchat

After noticing that Snapchat was taking admissions for community geofilters, I thought maybe it was time LaTrobe University (the University I attend) got one as well. I decided to keep it simple, but made sure it followed LaTrobe's design patterns, most notably, the sharp edges and rotated rectangles. It annoyed me that I couldn't find a high quality image of the LaTrobe logo, but after reading the snapchat guidelines I noticed that logo's were not really allowed so I decided to remove the eagle and just keep the square at the top. Snapchat has since activated the filter and it is live now, at Latrobe University, and has been used an insane number of times, and was featured on La Trobe's social media.

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